Photovoltaic Solar Plants

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What is it?

They are projects in which we install Photovoltaic Power Systems that transform solar radiation into electricity and can work both connected to the grid or in island mode. By using this service energy costs can be reduced and also the carbon footprint associated with energy consumption.

How is the service provided?

The service consists of the installation of solar photovoltaic panels and inverters. The panels transform the solar radiation into continuous current (CC) and the inverters transform the CC into alternate current (AC) that can be used by regular appliances and the electric grid.

Why is this service useful?

To decrease energy costs and carbon footprint of systems connected to grids that use fossil fuels. In cases without grid connection, it also simplifies management of diesel fuel for generators. In industries such as the Wine industry, it allows producers to certify their vineyards and access more restrictive and competitive markets.

For whom is this service useful?

For fruit farmers, wineries, seed companies, nurseries, extensive crops, horticulture and forestry companies.

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