Environmental Variable Monitoring

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What is it?

Consists of monitoring environmental variables such as air temperature and moisture, soil moisture, rainfall, radiation, pressure, wind speed and related indicators (heating degree-days, chilling hours, frost risk, etc). The objective is avoiding plagues, detect specific needs for a given crop or forecast fruit maturity to determine harvest dates.

How is the service provided?

Using weather stations and standalone sensors capable of recording environmental information automatically and in real time. Each variable is registered and can be later correlated to generate forecasts and alerts.

The data can be monitored in real time using our online platform. The data transmission system can be cabled or wireless. In cases where cellular coverage or internet access is poor, Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) are used.

Why is this service useful?

Thanks to environment monitoring it is possible to forecast frost and freeze conditions, predict plague appearances or other variables that can affect production.

For whom is this service useful?

For fruit farmers, wineries, seed companies, nurseries, extensive crops, horticulture and forestry companies.

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