Canopy Monitoring

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What is it?

Corresponds to the analysis of an area (process known as mapping) to obtain vegetational indexes such as NDVI and NDRE. In other words, using these indexes we can assess the plant’s health.

How is the service provided?

At Agrobolt we use both active and passive multispectral cameras, mounted on UAVs (drones) or ground machinery, such as tractors or motorcycles. In cases of very extensive surfaces we can use satellite multispectral imaging.

Why is this service useful?

Our service has various objectives: forecast yields, have more efficient irrigation systems and programs, optimize fertilizer applications, determine crop quality and have early detection of plagues and diseases.

This can be even more relevant if by using georeferenced monitoring systems zones are identified that can have differential treatments, making them more efficient and effective.

For whom is this service useful?

For fruit farmers, wineries, seed companies, nurseries, extensive crops, horticulture and forestry companies.

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